When you stand before all 21-plus feet of the Emanuel Leutze masterpiece, “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, do you ponder the cold and arduous journey the painting depicts, or the painstaking effort the artist went through to cover the canvas? If you’re like us, the answer is “no.” That’s because we’re looking around the room, thinking , “what an enormous challenge to manage and insure these institutions!”Â

Like the Met, the Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, National WWII Museum, Guggenheim, and California’s Science Center—and countless other cultural institutions—preserve our most treasured artistic, historical, scientific, and educational contributions to society. By providing a home to so many historical artifacts, artistic masterpieces, and scientific inventions, these institutions ensure that we are able to remember, study, celebrate, enjoy, and appreciate them. We take for granted that these institutions will be there forever—but the museums, galleries, and centers don’t have that luxury. They have to plan for the worst.Â

And insuring cultural institutions is incredibly complex. Each one is different, which in turn means every risk exposure is different—making it seemingly complicated to insure.Â

Recognizing a need in the market, Distinguished designed its own umbrella program in 2011 to meet the unique risk exposures of cultural institutions. The program is built using the foundation of our popular real estate umbrella program, including the added benefits of higher limits, broader coverage, and competitive pricing. One key benefit is the opportunity to significantly increase directors and officers (D&O) protection and follow form coverages within the umbrella without increasing costs.

Sound too good to be true? We invite you to find out. Â