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Focus on the Hotel Industry – The Rough Notes Company Inc.

While the growth of the travel and hospitality industries creates opportunities, it also poses increasing challenges.  Human trafficking and hotel shootings may not have been top concerns 10 or 20 years ago, but they have sadly and undoubtedly climbed up the ladder of major issues facing hotels in recent years.  Seeing how the privilege of hotel room privacy was blatantly abused in the Las Vegas shooting, we now need to reassess the tradeoffs between privacy and safety.  Though many hotels are providing some guest education at check-in, that’s just the starting point of addressing the variety of issues being faced more frequently these days.

Associate Vice President, Sean Young, talks with Rough Notes Magazine about issues and preventative measures property owners can take to protect themselves and their guests. Read the Rough Notes article here.

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historic properties
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The Unique Challenges of Historic Hotel Properties

The National Register of Historic Places includes more than 95,000 historic properties. Guests and tenants of these properties delight in their grandeur and uniqueness, while these exceptional buildings provide a sense of status and prestige to a property owners portfolio.

Other benefits come with owning a historic property such as significant tax credits, but not without challenges. Historic properties should look the same as they did in the past or the tax credit will be revoked, meaning maintenance, renovations, repairs and replacement of the unique features due to damages from events such as fire or flooding can be complex.

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Liquor Liability
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Liquor Liability Risk Management Tips

Restaurant owners and managers should be implementing best business practices to help mitigate their operation’s alcohol-related risks. According to a report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY)  54.3% of binge drinkers who reported driving after their most recent binge-drinking episode drank in an on-premises, retail, alcohol-serving establishment such as a bar, club, or restaurant.

Please download the liquor liability risk management tip sheet to share with your restaurant insureds.

Download Tip Sheet

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extreme violence
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What Can Hospitality Businesses do in the Wake of an Act of Extreme Violence?

In any situation, the prevention of extreme violence is always preferable to the grief and damage control that will inevitably come in its aftermath. However, recent events expose the reality of how extreme violence can occur in the hospitality industry. Learn about five steps that you can take to mitigate your business’ risk, should the unthinkable occur.

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preventing extreme violence
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Preventing Extreme Violence in the Hospitality Industry

With extreme violence developing into a nationwide epidemic, it’s an undeniable tragedy for the victims involved, as well as their families and loved ones. The communities and businesses in which the incidents have taken place are also affected.

Following the shocking events that took place last October in Las Vegas, many players in the hospitality industry are now reexamining their prevention plans and security measures. It’s important to make sure that those measures ensure and strengthen the safety of the guests without infringing on privacy or negatively affecting business. Learn five ways to better prepare your hospitality business against acts of extreme violence.

Read the Whitepaper on Preventing Extreme Violence

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Sexual harassment in hotel
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Not In My Hotel

Sexual harassment happens. Can you say “Not in my hotel” and mean it?

Victims of sexual harassment are speaking up more and more these days, as evidenced by our nation’s ongoing scandals that pepper the news every week. ABC News recently reported that 60% of women have experienced sexual harassment on the job. And while the majority of women have traditionally not reported incidents sexual harassment, for fear of retribution at work, the tide is slowly changing.

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New Bill Would Allow Victims to Sue Hotels for Trafficking

Florida may be the next state to pass a bill that allows victims of human trafficking to sue members of the hospitality industry that have turned a blind eye to the crimes committed behind their closed doors. Texas and Pennsylvania have already passed similar legislation, and now, a new bill is passing through the Florida legislature.

While Florida already has legislation that provides victims with the ability and support to sue their traffickers, this new bill headed to the House and Senate would hold hotel owners and management accountable for the crimes committed at their establishments.

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window blind cords
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Does Your Hotel Have This Hidden Hazard?

Does your hotel have a hidden hazard right in front of your face, or rather, your window? Window blind cords continue to kill children, decades after safety concerns about the risk of accidental strangulation has been recognized. Window cords don’t need to be old or broken to pose a risk. The existing model of corded window blinds is still hazardous, and a new ban on corded window blinds is in the works.

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Hurricane harvey's flooding
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Hurricane Harvey May Break Records for Flooding. Be Prepared.

Hurricane Harvey is the first major hurricane to hit Texas since 2008 (Hurricane Ike, category 2). It’s scheduled to make landfall on Saturday and expected to bring enough rain to overwhelm bayous and flood large swathes of land. Texas, particularly Houston, is flood-prone and no stranger to the many scenarios which may occur this weekend, but we have four tips to help you and your insureds in Texas make it through the weekend with slightly less panic.

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