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Market Changes for Directors and Officers Coverage

When major conglomerate Pacific Gas and Electric filed bankruptcy (after fielding claims of negligence after the California wildfires this past fall), D&O coverage was caught in the spotlight. Claims against directors and officers are on the rise nationwide, and analysts are questioning how far the market for D&O coverage will harden.

Distinguished’s Kyle Hyla, program underwriter for community associations, recently spoke with Rough Notes about D&O market trends. There are a variety of ever-changing factors that can impact coverage, and in this compelling article, factors like climate change, cyber security, and limited coverage for selected exposures are examined using current examples that illustrate the complexities of this important market. Visit Rough Notes to explore and share this valuable information.


Kyle Hyla Program Manager

Kyle Hyla

D&O and Crime Program Manager

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hotel security
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Hotel Security Improved Since Vegas

Hotel security protocol has upped the ante in the nearly year and a half since the Mandalay Bay mass shooting in Las Vegas, which claimed the lives of 58 concertgoers at a nearby musical festival. Brooks Chase, president of Distinguished Specialty, was featured in Resort Trades, where he spoke to the changing landscape of the hospitality industry in the wake of violent events.

The terrible example from Las Vegas, which resulted in 2,500 lawsuits filed against MGM (which owns Mandalay Bay) and an additional 1,000 lawsuits filed by MGM against the victims, contesting the hotel’s liability, exemplifies how devastating a single act of violence can be. Chase reviews how this event changed hotel security plans and details best practices for staff and guest safety. He also offers additional tips that hotels can implement right away. To review and share these new guidelines for hotels, please visit Resort Trade.

Brooks Chase, president of Distinguished Specialty

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Construction insurance
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Construction Insurance in Today’s Growing Market

If you build it, they will come—but don’t forget about adequate liability coverage for new construction! As the construction sector keeps pace with the general real estate market, Distinguished’s senior vice president and program executive, Michael Thabet, weighs in on currents facets of the construction industry and what that means for today’s carriers and insureds. Thabet discusses the importance of having the right type of coverage for different building projects and how newly emerging claims are changing the landscape of this sector. Dive right in and share this Rough Notes article.


Mike Thabet – Senior vice president and program executive


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Toxic gas
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The “Silent Killer” of Toxic Gas and How You Can Avoid It

Can you believe that an estimated 20,000 people receive treatment annually due to gas poisoning? That’s a staggering figure. And, nearly 500 deaths per year are caused by that same toxic gas alone.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports approximately 61,000 gas-related incidents yearly. But what gas could have such a harmful effect on so many lives?

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Hurricane Flood
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Being Storm-Ready During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Florence – scheduled to make landfall on Thursday, September 13, in the afternoon – was just upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane, meaning winds in excess of 130 mph. It could be the strongest storm to hit North and South Carolina in nearly three decades. Due to the strong winds and chances of a devastating impact, mandatory evacuations for eight coastal towns go into effect today – Tuesday, September 11.

We have four tips to help you and your insureds affected by the hurricane.

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Pool Safety
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Claim Story – Pool Safety

Teenage horseplay at a condo’s swimming pool took a turn for the worse when one young man dove headfirst into the shallow end of the pool. The condominium’s community association was left facing a $5 million personal injury claim due to not having proper pool safety rules clearly posted and enforced, as well as a failure to clearly mark the pool’s depth.

Read the full claim story here.

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Preventing Legionella
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Preventing Legionella Before It Infects the Masses

Legionnaires’ disease may not make front-page news every week, but when it hits a community, it can be devastating.  Hotels with pools and hot tubs, property owners with buildings that have cooling towers or fountains—and anyone nearby can be affected. If the naturally occurring bacterium Legionella gets out of balance, it can make people very sick, and it causes fatalities every year. Sometimes, all it takes is the mist coming off a cooling tower to infect a host of people.

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Life preserver in pool
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High Cost of a Pool Claim

For many, a community swimming pool is a small luxury that can bring family and friends together. But just like any other recreational area, there is always the risk of personal injury for those using the facilities. A pool claim can be costly to a community association. Emergency room visits for a near drowning victim can range from $75,000 for an emergency room visit to long-term care costing $250,000 a year. Cases have shown the cost of a near drowning resulting in brain damage exceeds more than $5.5 million. The death of a child due to drowning, in one instance, led to a settlement of $104 million.

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Liquor Liability
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Liquor Liability Risk Management Tips

Restaurant owners and managers should be implementing best business practices to help mitigate their operation’s alcohol-related risks. According to a report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY)  54.3% of binge drinkers who reported driving after their most recent binge-drinking episode drank in an on-premises, retail, alcohol-serving establishment such as a bar, club, or restaurant.

Please download the liquor liability risk management tip sheet to share with your restaurant insureds.

Download Tip Sheet

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Four tips to manage decision-making in a community association

Oftentimes the people that act as decision-making members of the board have regular day jobs and are not professionally trained in group management. Therefore, it is essential for them to know their rights, risks, and responsibilities when making choices on behalf of a large group of individuals. Letting your customers know about their risks and responsibilities as decision-making members of a community association will help them avoid disputes between themselves and other members in addition to reducing the risk of an unfortunate lawsuit.

We’ve compiled four simple preventative tips in our downloadable tip sheet that you can share with your customers to help reduce conflict when making community association decisions.

Read the Tips Here

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