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extreme violence
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What Can Hospitality Businesses do in the Wake of an Act of Extreme Violence?

In any situation, the prevention of extreme violence is always preferable to the grief and damage control that will inevitably come in its aftermath. However, recent events expose the reality of how extreme violence can occur in the hospitality industry. Learn about five steps that you can take to mitigate your business’ risk, should the unthinkable occur.

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preventing extreme violence
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Preventing Extreme Violence in the Hospitality Industry

With extreme violence developing into a nationwide epidemic, it’s an undeniable tragedy for the victims involved, as well as their families and loved ones. The communities and businesses in which the incidents have taken place are also affected.

Following the shocking events that took place last October in Las Vegas, many players in the hospitality industry are now reexamining their prevention plans and security measures. It’s important to make sure that those measures ensure and strengthen the safety of the guests without infringing on privacy or negatively affecting business. Learn five ways to better prepare your hospitality business against acts of extreme violence.

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wind damage
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A Strong Wind Is on the Way

As Bob Dylan says, “A hard rain is gonna fall…” and with it this weekend, a strong wind is gonna blow! The greater New York area is bracing for wind gusts up to 70 mph Friday, according to the National Weather Service, not to mention a coastal flood advisory through Saturday.

Are you ready? Doing a quick property sweep could help protect your building from severe wind damage.

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Sidewalk Law Whitepaper: A Crack in Your Sidewalk Could Put a Crack in Your Piggy Bank

Did you know? As a New York City property owner, you are required by law to maintain the sidewalks around your property. Neglecting your sidewalk could lead to hefty penalties.

When it comes to the sidewalk outside or adjacent to a property owner’s building, one might naturally assume that the city is responsible for its upkeep. But in New York City, that kind of assumption could lead to dire consequences. According to the New York Administrative Code (the NY Code), property owners themselves are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks, not the City.

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Winter Wonderland
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From the Claim Files: Walking (and Falling) in a Winter Wonderland

We talk to local Williamsburg native Nancy Larsen about her ordeal after a pedestrian’s jaunt along the snowy sidewalk in front of her home took an unexpected turn.

As a longtime New York City native, Nancy Larsen was accustomed to tourists gazing out at the wonders of the city rather than down at the sidewalk. What she was not accustomed to was being served a Summons and Complaint on account of a tourist alleging he sustained injuries outside of Nancy’s property following an overnight snowfall.

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Snowy Sidewalk
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Whitepaper – The Invisible Dangers of a Winter Wonderland

Due to the increased risk of accidental slip-and-fall injuries that occur because of snow and ice along sidewalks, it is important for home and property owners to understand their responsibilities for the sidewalks adjacent to their properties.

While different states have varied laws regarding the time frame for how quickly snow and ice must be removed from the abutting sidewalks of any property, in New York City the laws are some of the least forgiving.

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Halloween Pumpkin story
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A Spooky but True Halloween Story

In honor of Halloween today, we’re re-sharing one of our claims that came in through our City Homes program a while ago.

On a cold, dark night in early November, snow and ice glazed the sidewalks up and down the block. Tired building owners shuffled out at first light to make sure their patches of sidewalk were cleared and salted. All but one, that is. Our insured, who we’ll call Mr. Smith, is the non-resident owner of small apartment building. He decided to sleep in that morning, confident that his son would shovel the sidewalk in his stead. Junior had been out all night and hadn’t woken up to shovel the walk. So when a young woman slipped on that very patch of snow, the only un-cleared area on the block, it didn’t take her lawyer very long to find Mr. Smith’s name and address, and serve him with her medical bills for her torn rotator cuff and spinal injuries.

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Hurricane harvey's flooding
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Hurricane Harvey May Break Records for Flooding. Be Prepared.

Hurricane Harvey is the first major hurricane to hit Texas since 2008 (Hurricane Ike, category 2). It’s scheduled to make landfall on Saturday and expected to bring enough rain to overwhelm bayous and flood large swathes of land. Texas, particularly Houston, is flood-prone and no stranger to the many scenarios which may occur this weekend, but we have four tips to help you and your insureds in Texas make it through the weekend with slightly less panic.

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