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Construction insurance
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Construction Insurance in Today’s Growing Market

If you build it, they will come—but don’t forget about adequate liability coverage for new construction! As the construction sector keeps pace with the general real estate market, Distinguished’s senior vice president and program executive, Michael Thabet, weighs in on currents facets of the construction industry and what that means for today’s carriers and insureds. Thabet discusses the importance of having the right type of coverage for different building projects and how newly emerging claims are changing the landscape of this sector. Dive right in and share this Rough Notes article.

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Construction theft
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Construction Sites: A Playground for Thieves and Vandals

Industry experts estimate equipment theft and vandalism on construction sites cost companies billions of dollars a year. Construction theft includes materials such as timber and other valuable commodities (scrap metal and copper); tools; and equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, generators and welders. Vandalism on worksites includes broken glass, graffiti, destruction of constructed work and damage to equipment and vehicles on site. Research shows that construction sites are most vulnerable to theft on weekends and an estimated 90% of all construction thefts take place between 6:00pm Friday and 6:00am Monday.

Construction firms engaging in all types of projects are susceptible to theft and vandalism, impacting the success of a project and everyone related with the project, including the property owner, project team, and contractors. In addition to the direct monetary losses, there are indirect costs due to project delays and lost productivity.

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