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Sidewalk Law Whitepaper: A Crack in Your Sidewalk Could Put a Crack in Your Piggy Bank

Did you know? As a New York City property owner, you are required by law to maintain the sidewalks around your property. Neglecting your sidewalk could lead to hefty penalties.

When it comes to the sidewalk outside or adjacent to a property owner’s building, one might naturally assume that the city is responsible for its upkeep. But in New York City, that kind of assumption could lead to dire consequences. According to the New York Administrative Code (the NY Code), property owners themselves are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks, not the City.

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foodborne illness
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Going to the Chapel, and We’re Gonna Get…. Sick?

Just imagine, you’ve been planning your wedding for months and after the big day finally comes you, your partner and dozens of guests fall ill, complaining of diarrhea, fatigue, nauseousness, sweating, and chills. That’s exactly what happened to a couple and their guests following their wedding reception, which was held at an Atlanta hotel. It was later uncovered through litigation that an outbreak of norovirus hit guests of at least three other events along with at least 40 hotel employees.

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liability verdict
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$160+M Vegas Hotel Nightclub Liability Verdict Shows How High the Stakes Are

When New York City billion-dollar hedge fund manager David Moradi decided to hang at The Cosmopolitan’s Marquee nightclub, he didn’t expect to end up suffering a traumatic brain injury. This is exactly what happened when an issue occurred over a $10,000 bill David racked up at the nightclub. According to his claim, the Marquee security “assaulted, battered and falsely imprisoned him” while they demanded his ID and credit card to confirm his signature on the paid bill.

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boat accident
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Hotel Property Faces $4M Lawsuit After Boat Accident Injures Employee

You can imagine the scene: It’s the end of a long and hardworking summer season for managers at a trendy hotel on New York’s Shelter Island. They decide to celebrate by taking a friend’s fishing boat over to one of the local restaurants. On the way back, one of the managers at the helm of the boat, after drinking too much, crashes into the dock at the hotel property. A colleague gets injured in the boat accident with two broken bones in her leg, leaving her unable to properly walk since the accident occurred last September. The hotel is hit with a $4 million lawsuit as the accident occurred on its property – even though the employees were not working and the hotel did not own the boat.

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Exposures of Nonprofit Board Members
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Addressing D&O Exposures of Nonprofit Board Members

D&O exposures of nonprofit board members include but are not limited to harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, inefficient administration, financial mismanagement, negligence and acts beyond the granted authority.

Employment practices liability claims are the most common D&O claim of nonprofits. For example, a nonprofit terminated one of its executives because of multiple complaints of sexual harassment by employees. In turn, this executive sued the nonprofit and board of directors for wrongful termination and interference with contractual relations. While the nonprofit was successful, the cost of the long legal process exceeded $250,000.

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