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Sex Trafficking
Hospitality & Restaurants

Risk Management: The Key to Mitigating Sex Trafficking at Hotels

A lawsuit filed in U.S. federal court in Ohio in December against a number of high-profile hotel groups alleging they profited from sex trafficking on their properties puts the focus on this hidden crime. The hotel chains, according to Reuters, are accused of “knowing and ignoring warning signs that women and children were sold as sex slaves on their premises.”

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Risk Insight

Preventing Legionella Before It Infects the Masses

Legionnaires’ disease may not make front-page news every week, but when it hits a community, it can be devastating.  Hotels with pools and hot tubs, property owners with buildings that have cooling towers or fountains—and anyone nearby can be affected. If the naturally occurring bacterium Legionella gets out of balance, it can make people very sick, and it causes fatalities every year. Sometimes, all it takes is the mist coming off a cooling tower to infect a host of people.

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Life preserver in pool
Community Associations, Risk Insight

High Cost of a Pool Claim

For many, a community swimming pool is a small luxury that can bring family and friends together. But just like any other recreational area, there is always the risk of personal injury for those using the facilities. A pool claim can be costly to a community association. Emergency room visits for a near drowning victim can range from $75,000 for an emergency room visit to long-term care costing $250,000 a year. Cases have shown the cost of a near drowning resulting in brain damage exceeds more than $5.5 million. The death of a child due to drowning, in one instance, led to a settlement of $104 million.

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Liquor Liability
Hospitality & Restaurants, Risk Insight

Liquor Liability Risk Management Tips

Restaurant owners and managers should be implementing best business practices to help mitigate their operation’s alcohol-related risks. According to a report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY)  54.3% of binge drinkers who reported driving after their most recent binge-drinking episode drank in an on-premises, retail, alcohol-serving establishment such as a bar, club, or restaurant.

Please download the liquor liability risk management tip sheet to share with your restaurant insureds.

Download Tip Sheet

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wind damage
Real Estate, Community Associations, Risk Insight

A Strong Wind Is on the Way

As Bob Dylan says, “A hard rain is gonna fall…” and with it this weekend, a strong wind is gonna blow! The greater New York area is bracing for wind gusts up to 70 mph Friday, according to the National Weather Service, not to mention a coastal flood advisory through Saturday.

Are you ready? Doing a quick property sweep could help protect your building from severe wind damage.

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preventing legionella
Real Estate, Hospitality & Restaurants, Risk Insight

Managing Risk: Preventing Legionella

Updated July 6, 2017: Recent Cases Underscore Legionella Exposure

Since we originally wrote this article there have been several new cases of Legionella reported where people have died and fell ill. In June, one person died and six became ill in the Lenox Hill neighborhood in New York where investigators are looking into the air-conditioning system for contamination as the source of Legionnaires’ Disease. In another incident, two guests at the Las Vegas Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino contracted Legionnaires’ disease while they were staying at the resort in the months of March and April. Both the hotel and the Southern Nevada Health District were charged with investigating the two cases, remediating the problem and reaching out to past and current guests. They found that Legionella existed throughout the hotel’s water system.

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playground safety
Real Estate, Hospitality & Restaurants, Community Associations, Risk Insight

Make Playground Safety A Priority

It’s that time of year again when the sound of children running around in playgrounds across our neighborhoods fills the air. It’s also a time for heighted precautions because as fun as a playground can be, it’s also a place where kids can get seriously injured.

More than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger are treated each year for playground-related injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of these children, more than 20,000 are treated for a traumatic brain injury (TBI), including concussion. Additionally, about 56% of playground-related injuries are fractures and contusions/abrasions, and about 75% of injuries are related to playground equipment.

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Risk Retention vs. Risk Purchasing
Insurance Made Easy, Risk Insight

A Look Inside: Risk Retention vs. Risk Purchasing

Alternative risk mechanisms are available to help businesses address and manage their risks. This includes setting up risk retention groups (RRGs) and risk-purchasing groups (RPGs), which are often mistaken for being the same thing. While there are similarities between the two – both require members to be homogeneous and both provide liability insurance under the 1986 Federal Liability Risk Retention Act (LRRA) – they are quite different.

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Pool Safety
Real Estate, Hospitality & Restaurants, Community Associations, Risk Insight

Pool Safety: Pool Drownings Can Happen in A Flash

More than 3,500 people – many of them children – drown each year in the U.S. and many more suffer serious, irreversible injury in near-drowning incidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Furthermore, for every fatal drowning incident involving a child 14 years old or younger, three children require emergency room treatment for submersion injuries and 40% of those require hospitalization, says the CDC. Non-fatal incidents can cause brain damage that results in long-term disabilities ranging from memory problems to the victim being left in a vegetative state.

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boat accident
Hospitality & Restaurants, Risk Insight

Hotel Property Faces $4M Lawsuit After Boat Accident Injures Employee

You can imagine the scene: It’s the end of a long and hardworking summer season for managers at a trendy hotel on New York’s Shelter Island. They decide to celebrate by taking a friend’s fishing boat over to one of the local restaurants. On the way back, one of the managers at the helm of the boat, after drinking too much, crashes into the dock at the hotel property. A colleague gets injured in the boat accident with two broken bones in her leg, leaving her unable to properly walk since the accident occurred last September. The hotel is hit with a $4 million lawsuit as the accident occurred on its property – even though the employees were not working and the hotel did not own the boat.

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Construction theft
Real Estate, Risk Insight

Construction Sites: A Playground for Thieves and Vandals

Industry experts estimate equipment theft and vandalism on construction sites cost companies billions of dollars a year. Construction theft includes materials such as timber and other valuable commodities (scrap metal and copper); tools; and equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, generators and welders. Vandalism on worksites includes broken glass, graffiti, destruction of constructed work and damage to equipment and vehicles on site. Research shows that construction sites are most vulnerable to theft on weekends and an estimated 90% of all construction thefts take place between 6:00pm Friday and 6:00am Monday.

Construction firms engaging in all types of projects are susceptible to theft and vandalism, impacting the success of a project and everyone related with the project, including the property owner, project team, and contractors. In addition to the direct monetary losses, there are indirect costs due to project delays and lost productivity.

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dog bites
Real Estate, Risk Insight

When Fido’s Bite is Worse Than His Bark

Ouch! More than four million people per year are treated for dog bites. Claims generated by bite victims and dog owners can impact property owners and homeowner’s associations as well.We love these poochie pals, but sometimes their bite is worse than their bark.

To the tune of about $570 million, dog bites and other dog-related injuries accounted for more than one-third of all homeowner insurance liability claims paid in 2015, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The average claim? Nearly $38,000. And even more unsettling, the dog bite incident occurred on the dog owner’s residence half of the time. 77% of times, the victim was a friend or family member.

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Flood Readiness
Real Estate, Community Associations, Risk Insight

Oroville Dam Risk Highlights Importance of Flood Readiness for Property Managers

After a five-year drought throughout the state, Northern California’s surface water systems have now been pushed to the breaking point on the heels of weeks of rainfall. Nearly 190,000 people were evacuated on February 12 over fears that a damaged spillway at the nation’s tallest dam in Lake Oroville located in the Sierra Nevada foothills could fail and unleash a wall of water. Officials ordered residents and commercial businesses to stay away until they felt confident that the risk of flooding was reduced. Although the evacuation was changed to a warning two days later and residents and business owners were allowed to return to their communities, they were advised to be prepared to evacuate again at a moment’s notice should new problems arise.

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Bars and shops laws
Hospitality & Restaurants, Risk Insight

Bars, Restaurants Responsible for Patrons’ Actions Under Dram Shop Laws

Dram shop laws allow establishments like bars and restaurants that sell alcohol to be held accountable for damage or injury caused by their patrons. There are 41 states with dram shop laws to varying degrees. Those states without dram shop laws are Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota and Virginia.

Dram shop cases can be very costly. For example, in New Jersey, the court awarded $135 million to the family of a child who was paralyzed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. The international food and beverage company who served the visibly drunk patron shared in the liability of the injury.

Two new cases have recently popped up in the news reminding us once again how prevalent and costly these lawsuits can be.

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