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Lower Electrical Bill – Coming to a Home Near You?

It’s official – solar power isn’t just a passing fad. Solar panels are popping up on the roofs of residences across the U.S. and generating electricity for more homes as each year passes. As the solar revolution gains momentum, it is becoming more affordable to install a system that, long-term, saves you money. Plus, most states offer awesome incentives – fat tax credits that are worth a look. Going solar is making both environmental and financial sense for many homeowners.

A few states take the lead in utilizing photovoltaic (PV) installations across the nation. California is king with more than 3 million residential houses utilizing solar power for lights, fridges, espresso makers, computers, and TVs. Arizona, New Jersey, and North Carolina rank high, too, with 200-300,000 residences per state running off the sun. On a related note, as more PVs are installed, more jobs are available. While California leads with 75,000 solar jobs, small-but-strong Massachusetts follows with 15,000 jobs in solar energy.

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