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New Bill Would Allow Victims to Sue Hotels for Trafficking

Florida may be the next state to pass a bill that allows victims of human trafficking to sue members of the hospitality industry that have turned a blind eye to the crimes committed behind their closed doors. Texas and Pennsylvania have already passed similar legislation, and now, a new bill is passing through the Florida legislature.

While Florida already has legislation that provides victims with the ability and support to sue their traffickers, this new bill headed to the House and Senate would hold hotel owners and management accountable for the crimes committed at their establishments.

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Human Trafficking on the Rise—How Hotels Can Help

How can 1.6 million photos of empty hotel rooms help curb human trafficking?

Hotel pics that are uploaded to the TraffickCam website (by anyone—hotel guests, staff, management) are digitally compared to current online photos advertising the victims of sex trafficking. This helps law enforcement locate and rescue the victims. It also helps identify which hotels are serving as the location for an illegal industry that nets $32 billion per year in the US alone.

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