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From the Claim Files: Walking (and Falling) in a Winter Wonderland

We talk to local Williamsburg native Nancy Larsen about her ordeal after a pedestrian’s jaunt along the snowy sidewalk in front of her home took an unexpected turn.

As a longtime New York City native, Nancy Larsen was accustomed to tourists gazing out at the wonders of the city rather than down at the sidewalk. What she was not accustomed to was being served a Summons and Complaint on account of a tourist alleging he sustained injuries outside of Nancy’s property following an overnight snowfall.

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Snowy Sidewalk
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Whitepaper – The Invisible Dangers of a Winter Wonderland

Due to the increased risk of accidental slip-and-fall injuries that occur because of snow and ice along sidewalks, it is important for home and property owners to understand their responsibilities for the sidewalks adjacent to their properties.

While different states have varied laws regarding the time frame for how quickly snow and ice must be removed from the abutting sidewalks of any property, in New York City the laws are some of the least forgiving.

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Snowy Sidewalk
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Preventing Slips and Falls in Winter Months

Slip and fall accidents account for 15% of all accidental deaths in the United States. Annually, an estimated one million Americans will have an injury related to a fall, 600,000 will be hospitalized and 17,000 deaths will occur.

Studies find most injuries result from contact with outside surfaces. Property owners could be liable for injuries sustained on their property if they did not ensure a safe environment for visitors to walk. According to a fourteen year Distinguished Programs study, Slips and falls are the leading source of guest injury, claims, and insurance cost.

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